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Here is your evaluation

Thank you for taking the time to fill in HereToday's free evaluation.

I hope your day continues to be great. Here are your questionnaire's answers from Saturday 24th of August 2019 10:28:04 PM

Do you have a solar geyser or heat pump installed?

Are your geyser hours regulated with a system?

Do you know the temperature of your geyser in centigrade?

Are your geyser and hot water pipes insulated?

What is your household ratio of baths to showers?

Do you have low flow shower heads, tap aerators and dual flush toilet cisterns?

What is your households average shower duration in minutes?

What is the thickness of your ceiling insulation?

Is your house air tight with no draughts?

Are lights, appliances and chargers left on or on standby or sleep mode?

Your pool pump works daily for how long?

Do you use a pool cover?

Percentage ratio LED & CFL bulbs to incandescent bulbs?

Please take note that the evaluation calculations are based on a typical average SA household. I know you are unique so the results listed could vary.

For your commitment of R , you could achieve a potential monthly saving of R 0,00 on your electricity R and water R bill .

I hope that the potential savings sound phenomenal for you. If you ticked the contact box, thank you and you will be contacted within 48 hours to discuss further. If you do not want to be contacted now, no problem, you have our details. Contact us when you are ready and we will help you capitalise and benefit. Thank you and enjoy your day.