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1. Do you have a solar geyser or heat pump installed?

2. Are your geyser hours regulated with a system? Hours controlled either manually or with a geyser timer or residential load management system

3. Do you know the temperature of your geyser in centigrade? Thermostat found where the electrical cables enter geyser. Normally at end of geyser behind a protecting cover

4. Are your geyser and hot water pipes insulated?Insulated if geyser covered with a soft "blanket like" cover and the pipes not metallic but with a "foam like" tubing

5. What is your household ratio of baths to showers?

6. Do you have low flow shower heads, tap aerators
and dual flush toilet cisterns?

You are doing well, not far to go now...

7. What is your households average shower duration in
minutes?Do you jump in and out or practise your singing?

8. What is the thickness of your ceiling insulation?Is the foam fluffy, usually a pink colour or in loose sheets on the ceiling board

9. Is your house air tight with no draughts?No gaps in windows, floor, doors where can feel wind whistling in

10. Are lights, appliances and chargers left on or on standby or sleep mode?Unless it is off at the wall socket most appliances draw power

11. Your pool pump works daily for how long?Most pumps have a timer that regulates when and for how long on

12. Do you use a pool cover?

13. Percentage ratio LED & CFL bulbs to incandescent bulbs?How many light emitting diode and compact flourescent light bulbs are installed compared to old bulbs that are hot if touch them

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You are unique, so in order to understand how best to serve your individual needs, what is your commitment and budget to achieving efficient energy usage and value savings?Remember not all changes cost money, but for maximum benefit the more invest, the sooner the rewards, savings and profits

Your average monthly spend on electricity and gasFor rough answer - add mid winter (August) and mid summer (February) bill and divide by 2
Your average monthly spend on waterfor rough answer - add mid winter (August) and mid summer (February) bill and divide by 2
Rates valueProperty size and location gives potential of savings
Family profileThis better informs of the usage and options available to optimize your families savings