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SANS10400 XA-Energy usage in buildings

In November 2011, the amended National Building Regulations encapsulated energy usage in South African buildings for the first time. The implication is, for new builds and renovations, all building plans submitted to the local authority must now comply with the energy usage regulations.

Standard SANS 10400XA “deems to satisfy” the regulations and this is a way to demonstrate compliance with the regulations. A competent person needs to certify that the work complies with the energy usage requirements and sign off that it has been built according to the regulations.

HereToday has this competency and offers a turnkey service for your project:

  • At the design stage, we offer advice on how to comply with the regulations in terms of materials and product selection.
  • We compute all necessary calculations and compile reports for plan submissions.
  • We conduct on-site education and inspections of subcontractors to build in accordance with the new regulations.
  • At the end of the project, we submit reports for occupational certification.

With our ongoing research of the latest products and methods, plus partnering with specialist players in the efficiency field, we can advise on the best cost saving strategy and return on investment for your building proposal.

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Welcome, I am Mathew, a civil engineer with 20 years experience in construction. I now advise on energy efficiency in residential and light commercial buildings, and I would love to help you.

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