13 Tips to help you save

  1. GARDENING in Cape Town uses on average 46% of domestic water usage, therefore plant indigenous and water-wise plants. Remember local is lekker!
  2. A HOSEPIPE can use up to 600 litres per hour, costing about R200 monthly if used daily for an hour. This inefficient watering method also wastes time.
  3. POOL PUMPS use about 11% of electrical usage, so reduce your timer hours with the change of seasons and invest in a pool cover.
  4. Un-insulated homes lose 40% heat through the ROOF, so there are substantial benefits to insulate your ceiling space.
  5. This is a biggie: Heating HOT WATER can use up to 60% of all your electricity, so we’ll give you a variety of ways to save money.
  6. Use hot water bottles/microwaved beanbags/electric blankets to warm your BEDS instead of wastefully heating the whole room.
  7. TOILETS use up to 37% of domestic water usage, so reducing water with either a grey water, dual or multi flush, or hippo bag system is extremely beneficial.
  8. Double bonus saving: Aerated SHOWER heads save up to 40% water usage, plus save the energy needed to heat this water.
  9. Space HEATING can consume up to 25% of all your electricity, so there are a variety of ways to save.
  10. Heat leakage of between 15 to 35% can occur through WINDOWS, FLOORS AND DOORS, so we’ll show you how to reduce this loss.
  11. KITCHEN cooking, cleaning and refrigeration use 15 to 25% of all your electricity, so through a variety of options, potential savings can be achieved.
  12. LIGHTING AND APPLIANCES can account for 15 to 25% of electrical usage, with a portion being wasted without even knowing it.
  13. 2 million tons of WASTE is disposed annually in Cape Town’s landfill sites. We’ll help you easily adapt your current lifestyle to help reduce this amount.