Since November 2011, the amended National Building Regulations, Standard SANS 10400 XA encapsulated energy usage in South African buildings.

With over 300 successful projects, HereToday offers a turnkey service for your new build, addition or alteration project.

By performing a rational design, using DesignBuilder energy modelling software, compliance of SANS 10400XA is achieved with the following advantages

  • Realistic performance values are calculated, as the interaction of the whole building and materials simulated
  • Control and freedom of the design as not restricted like the “deemed to satisfy” route
  • Don’t need to do fenestration calculations or add extra shading and insulation to comply
  • Can easily compare various performance options and perform ROI to know best strategy and value options
  • Able to balance budget, performance and expectations to deliver best product.
  • Better performing buildings with savings in the build plus reduced ongoing costs.
  • These savings more than cover the costs of performing a rational design.

With over 25 years in the construction industry, HereToday offers unique expertise. Having worked both locally and internationally, as a main contractor and a professional, HereToday can specify, detail and deliver a cost effective plus practical design solution. This will be installed efficiently, correctly and “work” on site.

With ongoing research of the latest products and methods, plus partnering with specialist players in the efficiency field, the best cost saving strategy and return on investment for your building project can be found.

Together with on-site education, detailing, inspections and reporting you are ensured no shortcuts and inferior work are done. You are guaranteed a compliant building that will deliver the performance specified with ongoing savings.

Connect with HereToday for a FREE comprehensive quote that lists design enhancements, performance options and future proofing recommendations.
This will show ways to improve performance, while reducing your build and services costs plus carbon foot print