About Us

HereToday stems from my belief that together with you, I can help build better, more efficient buildings. This saves energy, money and our environment. By partnering with leading players in the various energy efficiency fields, a myriad of solutions exist that can be engineered to personal requirements.

About Mathew

As a boy coming from England, my father worked his dream job setting up a paper mill that took the waste product (baggasse) from sugar cane and used it to make paper. So I grew up in a “waste not want not” environment, and learned from an early age about respecting and understanding the interdependence of all things. Three years after completing my Civil Engineering degree, I left South Africa on a gap year (that became 10 years!) before returning home in 2006.

Whilst working and travelling around the world, I gained valuable insight into how we might construct more comfortable and yet more sustainable buildings. Travelling to the rapidly shrinking ice of the Arctic circle, diving on bleached coral reefs and hiking on receding glaciers deeply impacted my life. Whilst working in corporate structures, I found myself frustrated that I couldn’t make the difference I wanted to. This, together with my late fiancée’s battle with cancer and my rapidly approaching 40, was the turning point, and it was then that I decided to “ get busy living or get busy dying” (to quote “The Shawshank Redemption”).

I am passionate about helping others, teaching and empowering people for positive growth and change. Together with my love for nature, communities and the environment decided to act and make a difference. Gandhi’s words portray this the best; ” be the change you wish to see in the world”.

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