Efficiency Audits


We all know that the electricity price will continue to increase due to increasing demand; replacing and maintaining existing infrastructure and power generation. Escalating prices are also forecast for clean water and other services due to scarcity and rising costs of supply.

After conducting an Eco Audit of your unique space and habits, HereToday can advise you on ways to save money by becoming more efficient through behavioural, technical and operational methods

A comprehensive Eco Audit Report assesses your present hot water systems, insulation, shading, fenestration, heat loss prevention, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), heat pumps and solar geysers, electrical  appliances, electrical lighting, water usage, pool pumps and waste management.

Then, an Eco Audit Assessment will include recommendations on maximizing efficiency, as well as recommend investments you can make into energy saving devices with an indication of how soon you will recoup the expenditure.

For example, five years ago the payback period for solar water heating and heat pumps was between seven and ten years. This is now reduced to 3 years or less. This return period will continue reducing as electricity prices increase and more products become available.

HereToday’s intention is simply to save you money while saving our planet.